Angus – Scotland

Scotland check-in! Loyal listener and Famous Hits Live fan Angus here! Can you play the hour of just Heartless music again? My question goes to lead guitarist Jim. How does he keep his chops up so tight? Does the man sleep with a guitar in his hands? How often does he practice?


Elena (from Brazil)

“I am totally in love with the American band Heartless! I can hear a great deal of passion in Linda’s vocals, just like my favorite band, Heart! They make me smile”


Damon (from Australia)

“Thank you for introducing me to the band Heartless from your country! They sure can rock!”.


Hiroko (from Japan)

“Heartless from your country are the best band ever! I love them!”.


Juan (from Barcelona, Spain)

“I am a Heartless fan!”


Deven (from United Kingdom)

“caught your set with the band Heartless from the USA. I was blown away on how great they sounded!”.


Freda (from Sweden)

“I’m a huge Heart fan! When I heard Heartless, I got chills up and down my spine! Their music captured all the goodness that is Heart”.

Claude Schnell

Claude Schnell – Dio

“When it comes to doing tributes, the devil is in the details. They (Heartless) definitely capture the beat of the Heart”.

Saul Vigil

Saul Vigil Executive Producer (Famous Hits Live Internet Radio station)

“They capture not just the sound, but the passion of everything that is Heart"

Doug Thomas

Doug Thomas 96.9 The Eagle

“Don’t pass up an opportunity to see this band. They are fantastic!”

Carol Stratton

Carol Stratton – Fan mail

“You "guys and gals" are awesome, such an incredible cover... SO much like the "real deal"...”

Jumpin Jay

Jumpin Jay – Fan Mail

“If you Love The Band Heart you will want to see this band. WHOA YEAH.”

Facebook Fan

Facebook Fan

“Show is packed with the songs fans love!”

Barbara Binetti – Show Review – Bal Theatre, San Leandro

“...the front singer sounds like the real deal...”

Darcy Bacon

Darcy Bacon

“Great Concert! Loved you guys! U were awesome! Want to see u again!”

Denise Munn Audino

Denise Munn Audino

“Sounding awesome! You guys rock..”

Beverly 4-30-16, Swabbies On the River / Sacramento

“Wow! They had to build more picnic tables to accommodate the crowd! Now that's a following. ...It shows to the audience that you 6 really dig the music and performing together.”

Cheryl Spilman Mosby

Cheryl Spilman Mosby

“Thoroughly enjoyed listening to Heartless at the Bay Area Craft Beer Festival! It was fun watching the crowd liven up and get out and dance... Heartless Rocks!!!”

Grayeagle Porter

Grayeagle Porter

“Great show. Gave me shivers. I look forward to the next one!”

Claude Schnell

Claude Schnell, keys / Dio

“You guys have the beat of the "Heart" down pretty well!.... sounded pretty damn GOOD!”

Christopher Lomboy - Fan Mail

Christopher Lomboy – Fan Mail

“You guyz sounded Great!!! Thoroughly enjoyed. Linda Boudreau, you have a Rockin voice!!!”

Jordonna Lobese- GoldStar Rocks Magazine

“If you have not already seen this band that has made our list as “One Of The Best Tribute Bands In The World”, then you must make it out to one of their shows”.